Drawings guidelines

To make the process easy and fast, LaserSpeed created a list of guidelines for supplied drawings. Please read them carefully and contact our team if you require any assistance.


Supply of drawings

All drawings supplied must be must be full scale (1:1) and fully dimensioned in millimetres with tolerances highlighted.

Supply of data files

The preferred formats are:

  • DXF
  • DWG
  • EPS (vector lines)
  • Ai (vector lines)
  • Solidworks; assembly or part files (all format files)*
  • Inventor; assembly or part files (all format files)*
  • STEP files from all other 3D packages*

These files must be purged of all non-editable entities (eg. splines, blocks, layers, dim styles and line types).
There must be no zero length entities, duplicate entities or title blocks.
Entities to be cut must be scaled 1:1 - preferably in metric units.
All endpoints must join and not overlap.
No construction lines or crosshairs.
*All 3D files must be designed from sheet metal body features not solid body

Transmittal of data files

Data files for all cutting processes can be supplied on Memory stick (USB) to our workshop, via form on the website or e-mailed to TeamLaserSpeed.Web@laserspeed.co.nz.

Supply of samples

Samples must be clean and in a condition that measurements can easily be established. Tolerances must be specified or crucial measurements noted.


Please note Laser Cut Tolerance is generally (+ or -) 0.2mm. Please discuss your requirements if tighter tolerances are required.


LaserSpeed has a wealth of experience working with clients in different business areas. We can help to fix your design project to make sure it meets our laser cutting requirements. We also provide design services and can create a project for your company.

File fixing and digitising service

Design service

LaserSpeed can assist with fixing your design project to make sure it meets laser cutting requirements.

Provide us with vectorised artwork, a flattened jpg or even just a sketch, and we can digitise it and bring it to life.

LaserSpeed can assist with design, illustration and branding projects. Our experience and attention to details will help you to create something really amazing.

Talk to us about your idea and we will take care of design and manufacturing process for your project.

Contact the LaserSpeed Team today to request a quote or to get more information about our services and requirements for drawings.

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