Why choose LaserSpeed

High quality equipment

At LaserSpeed we use the current model Amada LCG 3015 Laser Cutting Machine providing fast, high quality results.

Amada-trained specialised team

Our team are trained by Laser manufacturer Amada and we work in close collaboration with their specialists, drawing on their knowledge and experience as required.

Specialised on-site CAD design team

LaserSpeed has a specialised CAD design team on-site and we can help you to develop your project from the very first steps through to completion.

Machine service & maintenance programmes

To ensure our equipment performs precisely and reliably, we have a comprehensive maintenance schedule and servicing programme. We have our equipment serviced on time along with all the latest software updates for even faster and more efficient performance.

Fast, Efficient Service

At LaserSpeed we understand that our customers want their product completed in the shortest possible time frame. This is why we use top-of-the-range equipment and up-to-date software to ensure a very efficient production process. LaserSpeed can offer fast delivery right around New Zealand including optional express delivery options for urgent projects.

Start to Finish quality focused processes

Quality and efficiency are vital for our business. LaserSpeed uses advanced software and a very precise working process to minimise material waste and maximise cutting efficiency.

Quality assurance systems

We have an extensive QA programme that ensures the highest quality service available. Our Engineers run a series of tests during the manufacturing, cutting and folding process to ensure outstanding results for your project.

Friendly, experienced team

The experienced LaserSpeed team guarantees high quality and fast service. Our friendly and approachable team works hard to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Easy working process

Ease of working process is one of our top priorities and you can access the following useful tools on our website:

Clear communication

We are always happy to discuss your requirements on the phone or in person. Give us a call or visit us today!

Wide range of materials

LaserSpeed can provide laser cutting services for a variety of materials. Please refer to our list of materials suitable for laser cutting. We can work with material provided by our clients or alternatively we can provide a large selection of materials.

From prototyping to mass production

LaserSpeed has the capacity to take on jobs of any scale from prototyping through to high volume orders. Contact us to request a quote or for more information.

Available everywhere

LaserSpeed is based in Tauranga, however we provide Laser Cutting services for customers right throughout New Zealand.

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